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What is Sr.Pago?
Sr. Pago lets you use a smartphone or tablet to accept credit card payments.
Sr.Pago - Beneficio No long term contracts
Sr.Pago - Beneficio No monthly charges
Sr.Pago - Beneficio Registration takes just 5 minutes
Sr.Pago - Beneficio Approval in 24 hours**

+$0 pesos per transaction for cards with or w/o chip.

Commission does not include VAT

*Android 2.3.2 or beyond
*iOS 7 or beyond
**Sr.Pago's service is to adults of legal age only and any information submitted is subject to verification.

Sr.Pago - iva More information
How does it work?

Using Sr.Pago is very simple. Once your account is activated and you've downloaded the application, just follow the steps below.

Use your smartphone or tablet
Punch in the amount you want to charge
Swipe the card
Get the signature of the buyer
Send the receipt by email

All payments are logged in your Sr.Pago account where you can also issue refunds, check your balance, check the list of all charges made, query or transfer your balance to any major bank in Mexico.

Payments can be withdrawn the next day. (The first one may take up to 72 hours.)

Download The App_

Now that you know what Sr.Pago can do for you and your business, download the App to your iOS* or Android* device and you can use Sr.Pago wherever you happen to be. Use of the App requires a card reader and a registered account with Sr.Pago.

The App is completely free

*Android 2.3.2 or beyond
*iOS 7 or beyond
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